I’ve always taken the future seriously, couldn’t wait to get there as a matter or fact. That probably explains why most of my professional career has been in “leading edge” type stuff such as spacecraft and A.I. I am currently involved in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), working on software designed to comprehend (and not just recognize) human speech. This work is being done at New Sapience, LLC.

This site is about exploring the issues and opportunities being raised by new technologies but while technologies advance rapidly, human nature is a relative constant. (That is assuming we don’t all embrace Transhumansim and turn into something incomprehensible. I hope not because we are only just beginning to understand the design nature gave us.)  I love Science Fiction and the best of it is not just imaging cool technology as in “I wish I had a flying car like that!” but in showing how humans might behave in scenarios that don’t currently exist in our time and place is history. Star Trek was always good with that even though the science was sometimes pretty far fetched or even just gratuitously made up for the sake of plot flow.

So we can’t really speculate about the future just by speculating about technology. The study of the future is also the study of human beings.

I also write about human psychology and spiritual development at MoreThanNature.com. At NovusAtlantis.com I have begun to sketch out a vision of a future human civilization based on a designed but still organic architecture.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bryant Cruse